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Product Images

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One of the leading roles of web designers is making site more visually appealing by adding and creating images and videos. This is even more crucial when managing an eCommerce site, as attractive images and videos of your products can greatly influence a customer’s purchasing decision. Online pictures and videos can convey much more than simple words, after all…

“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Just like textual descriptions describe a product in detail, good, enlarged, detailed images and videos can give much better insight for your customers.

This article will try to help you understand how product images and videos can have a positive impact on your eCommerce site.

Product Images For Your eCommerce Site

Show Off Your Products

If you sell physical products on your eCommerce site, it is useful to display images to your customers.  However, simply displaying a single image is not always enough.  You wan’t to display lots of different images of your products from multiple different angles.

Let’s look at an online shoe store as an example.  Simply adding a gleaming photo of a shoe is not enough. Customers want to get different ways to see the product from different angles.  Remember, by shopping online customers don’t get the chance to look at, touch, feel, try on the shoes (or whatever product you are selling), so you need to show as much of your product as you can.

At the very least, you should show how the product will look from the front, back and side, as well as any details or features that you want to show off.

It is also a good idea to show different colour combinations to your customers if you offer your products in different styles. Therefore, you want to display multiple perspective images of the product in its different colour variations.

Image Manipulation Tools

As you will need to edit a lot of your images, you will need some sort of software to to this properly.  The industry standard that most professionals use is Photoshop, but if you are looking for a free alternative you can look at GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which enables you to perform tasks like photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Show Off Your Products Further

In order to take your products to the next level, some web designers use technology that helps customers view their items better.  Features like magnification, 360 rotation and zoom can all help to add that wow factor and help sell your product.

  • Zoom is an important feature to let the customers see the small detail of your products.  Check out PhotoZoom for TheCartPress plugin to add this functionality to your site.
  • 360 Rotation allows your customers to view your product from all angles, letting them get a better idea of what it will look like in real life.  Look at these great 360 examples provided by Orbitvu (also shown in the video above).
  • Magnification will show a zoomed in image of your product where ever your mouse is moved over your images.  This is great for allowing customers to look at your products themselves.  Try Magic Zoom Plus for your site.

A few other alternatives, such as image sliders and side by side comparison are ideal to help influence customers. In a nutshell, the shopping experience of the customer should be such that they should feel they are physically present at the retail store.

Image Size & Quality Matter

Product Images

Image by ‘DixieBelleCupcakeCafe’

The quality and size of any product image that you use influences how the customers view the product. For instance if an eCommerce store sells chocolate cupcakes (mmmm… chocolate cupcakes!) – crisp, high definition images of the chocolates will make the buyers get a feel of the value of them. Blurry pictures will always make the customers feel that the chocolates are boring and just not tasty.Therefore the software should have the option to make any image large and clear (see previous point ‘Show Off Your Products Further’).

Website Speed

Another crucial factor is the speed of your eCommerce website. As you will be displaying lots of high quality images, it is essential that the eCommerce hosting solution serve data quite fast. The sites should not make any customer wait for loading pages. The best options available are dedicated hosting and virtual hosting.

Check out this great post ‘Speed Up Your WordPress Blog‘, which includes details on how to optimize your images.

The main aim of an eCommerce website business is to make money, so any way to encourage customers to purchase products is a good thing.  Images will always be an excellent way to present and show off your goods to viewers, so it pays to make the best use of them as you can.

Do you run an eCommerce website?  What other beneficial aspects do you find using images brings?  Do you know of any other useful image plugins that people would find useful?  Please let us know know by leaving a comment below!

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  • Clair Trebes

    Hi William & Matt,

    Glad you got the site issues fixed Matt so this great post managed to go up today.

    The image is SO important when buying online – literally as a consumer its the difference between a sale or keep looking scenario. On fashion items especially I think its the most important.

    People want to see the items, in real life (so shots in the real environment help) – a low quality image or badly taken image really doesn’t instill faith in a company’s ability to provide a good product.

    I’m off to check the photozoom for cart plugin too, as this could work well for the ecommerce site I’ve built as we are adding more products that this could really benefit from this.


    • Hi Clair,

      Yes me too, thought for a bit that I was in for another late night getting the site fixed.

      I checked out the plugins that William added, thought they were great! Images really are a products primary selling point, so it is well worth spending the time to make them look as good as possible.

      Think PhotoZoom would be great for your site. Will have to let us know how you get on with it.

  • alexwhalley

    Great post WIlliam, I liked that you covered all aspects of images – from the tools and tricks you can use to really highlight the image/product through to the all important website speed – which if obviously a huge factor when it comes to displaying high res. images.

    • Website speed is HUGEly important, especially when considering image size/quality. Currently been working on this site to make it a bit faster.

      Really liked some of the tools that William added as well. Have already recommended some of these to some clients of mine.

  • Catherine Holt

    A picture is worth a thousand words….how true is that! My hubby is always telling me I am being too picky with my photos for my site (because I am not a pro photographer, but wish i was!!). However I am picky because I understand how important the image is…especially for my niche! If the picture looks unapealling, why would you expect customers to give you a second glance. We asses everything with our eyes before we do anything else!

    • I’m exactly the same Catherine!

      Images are SOOOO important to help sell products, or your site in general. I can spend the same amount of time searching for the right image as I can writing a post. They are what catch the eye and draw people in. After all, what’s the point in having a great piece of content if nobody is going to click on it!

  • Hasan

    Great writing shill man! Learner a lot from this article. Thanks.