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Need SEO Help? 10 Killer SEO Tactics to Increase Your Website Ranking

I believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for any website, whether it’s directly earning money or simply providing information. Why waste considerable resources in creating and maintaining a website if no one is actually going to visit it? SEO’s main purpose is to fulfil your website’s main purpose by […]

Tips To Write An Effective PPC Advertisement Copy

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers online. Among the many useful methods used in Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertisement (or Pay Per Click) is the most effective way to develop your business. Ads that appear on social networks, on the sides or at the top […]

Top 9 Social Marketing Tools

Social marketing can be an incredibly time consuming task for bloggers who have to juggle several different hats from blogging to networking and promotions. Why not fast track your tasks by using social marketing tools? Over the past few years after social media started taking off, thousands of tools began […]

5 Ways To Do Social Media Marketing The Right Way

Unlike what is generally perceived by people, marketing is not limited to just sales and promotions. Marketing is a holistic process that starts long before a business opportunity, when a market or a product is identified or created. One of the mediums used for marketing is social media. Social media […]

Maximizing ROI from Email, Social Media AND Snail Mail Marketing

Marketing is an important part of any business!  Without it, you will struggle to build brand identity, drive traffic to your business and ultimately sell your products/services to your customers.  For this reason, it’s vitally important that you make the most of the marketing that you invest in to get […]

6 Web Survey Methods For Small & Medium Businesses

The web provides a vast platform that small and medium sized businesses can use to conduct market research, product research or the simple task of receiving feedback from customers regarding the services or products they offer. This information can then be used to improve aspects, such as service procedure or […]

Find Writing Inspiration At A Local Bookshop & Overcome Writers Block

The process of building a successful blog can be harder than people first think. OK  so you spend your time writing, how hard can it be? Generating original material day-in, day-out is one of the hardest things a person can do. When you’re struggling for ideas, the pressure to publish can […]

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your B2B Marketing Profile

Advertising is generally thought of as a description or presentation of a product, service or company in order to persuade people to buy it.  B2B marketplace is a great way to advertise or promote your goods or services. The amount spent on advertising in the B2B sector is very low […]

How Multivariate Testing Helps Convert High Traffic to High Sales

Probably the best way to define multivariate testing is to look upon it as a more elaborate version of A/B testing. Rather than restricting your tests to two versions of a single component, you can now conduct a single test on various versions of various components. Prior to the emergence […]

Want A Successful eCommerce Website? Then Practice These 3 Design Tips

Designing eCommerce websites can be pretty challenging, there are many aspects involved in it. For instance, the web designers who design such sites have to take care of a lot of factors such as; the target users’ preferences, presentation of the products, usability and much more. However, designing a successful […]