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Andi is part of Tim Lowe’s R&D team and writes for Tim's Minions, a fun based educational site covering all aspects of Internet Marketing & Social Media. You can learn more by following him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Are Facebook Groups Our Forgotten Friends?

Over the last year or so, my love for Facebook has slowly been dying.  While the world was getting all hyped up over the company being floated on the stock market, I was getting really cheesed off with how the Facebook Page I had spent time and money developing was […]

Use Blog Comments To Get Links & Network

I want to talk about blog comments and the reasons you should leave comments on other people’s blogs. You may not be aware of it but this is a great opportunity to increase the exposure of your website/blog. And it is one that can be done relatively easily, quickly and […]

Create A Product To Sell Online On Your Own Website

Today is the day of the digital age. We are living in a time with untold possibilities at our finger tips and all we do is complain and moan. How crazy is that! The truth is, the general public do not know how to make money or realise what possibilities […]

Creating Satellite Sites To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You may be wondering what ‘satellite sites’ are? Well, in short, they are websites that in many ways ‘orbit’ your main site just like a satellite. They are usually free places where you put additional information that drives traffic to your main site, giving you backlinks in the process. Social […]

How To Keep Writing Quality Blog Posts

So, maybe you are thinking of starting a blog or you have one and it is fairly new. You know you have to keep adding fresh and unique content, but you are not sure how. Maybe the idea of writing several posts a week scares you! What if you wanted […]

Why Small Local Businesses Need A Website & Social Media Presence

Many small businesses are struggling these days, whether you run your own bakery, hair salon, greengrocers, freelance designer, plumber, writer, even lemonade business, etc.  Whatever it is, due to growing dominance and competition of the super markets and online businesses, traditional local business are are finding it tough.  This is […]

How To Make Money Online With Your Own Massive Content Site

There is more than one type of website that can make money, but for this article I want to concentrate on one specific type. This one is for the long term business model and will require a huge amount of time and money invested into it, but when done properly […]